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Wasted Superherooes: Paintings by William Wray

Beautiful! Simply jaw droppingly beautiful…

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Todays first ad comes from Marvel and Steve Gerber’s Master piece Howard the Duck! issue 24 May, 1978.

-The Thor Hostess ad is one of MANY similar adds that popped up in the late 70’s  early 80’s comics With mostly Marvel Characters facing down their foes to rescue a Hostess product or use the product to sooth a raging beast (koff**Hulk**koff). There were some DC character ads, but i never saw many of them, somehow the Marvel ones really got their claws in me (Wolverine). 

Here, Asgard is being threatened by Gudrun the Golden, who apparently wants to steal all the god in Asgard so that it will reflect back his “glory”

In the next panel, Thor puts on his thinking helm and explains that this will require “brains instead of brawn.” Good call bro.

His brilliant idea is to lure Gudrun the Golden into a trap by offering up “all the GOLDEN HOSTESS TWINKIES SNACK CAKES IN ASGARD.” Because clearly no lover of gold can resist a treasure trove of “RICH GOLDEN SPONGE CAKES”

Ultimately Gudrun falls for the trick and states that “the delicious GOLDEN CAKE OF HOSTESS TWINKIES SNACK CAKES pleases me more than the gold of metal.”

So Thor saved the day by forcing a troublemaker to over eat Twinkies snack cakes. Now I always wanted to know what happened next. Did Gudrun go the path of the righteous man/god or did Thor just put out a fire today, only to turn this thief into a sugar junkie? How many 7-11’s do you think they have in Asgard? my guess is zero to none. So now this is going to be earth’s problem…it goes on and on. and this was Thor using his head! stick to the smashy smashy with your hammer sir, and you will do just fine…

Now out next add is a little less silly, but of real significant historical interest. This is the FIRST OFFICIAL STAR WARS FAN CLUB offer. Remember, this is 1978, May, so Star Wars was out for maybe a year already. For $5 you could get     

  • a 20x28 color poster
  • Heat transfer for a tee shirt (all the rage in ‘78)
  • Embroidered Jacket patch
  • Self Stick Color Decal
  • Star Wars Book-cover
  • Newsletter (every fan club needed a news letter; remember there was no social media or internets to spread the good news)
  • Membership Card (another staple item)
  • 8x10 color photo (this one is pretty vague. who knows what you could possibly get…i bet there were some disappointed kids)
  • and finally a Wallet sized photo (again, see above)

A few years ago during a SERIOUS Star Wars phase i signed up for Hyperspace, which was the current Fan Club iteration. And is sucked. I got a couple decals with nothing interesting on them, some promotional flyers for action figures and the biggest insult Star Wars Insider. This was at a time when Star Wars fandom was dominating the internet. We had on one more movie to go to close out George’s second trilogy and fans were going crazy. Star Wars Insider had its biggest problem in the fact that and “inside facts” it may have contained, we all knew at the same time through message boards etc. nothing was timely when i would get the mag. so kind of a disappointment, and if i remember correctly the price was a bit higher than the $5 in this add, i think it was $59, though i could be wrong…

So thats it for today, I’m going to try and get at least one ad up a day with a little back ground, so stay tooned! Send me any feedback, good or bad (but be a human about it, don’t need internet trolls moving in over here)

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Just finished reading Morrison’s Flex Mentallo mini for the first time. A little all over the place but a great read. Also just bought a huge run of most of his Doom Patrol issues (missing, ironically enough, the Flex Mentallo issues) so will probably start on those soon. Also reading his Supergods book and Marvel Essential Warlock. Great thought went into all these books, and all are ultimately telling a different story than what they appear to be in the surface. This years NaNoWriMo novel is FILLED with (poorly executed) Morrison-isms and mysterious god figures among men. Good stuff all around. Read them and feed your brain!


Secret Wars action figures and toys spanish ads (1986)

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Moleskine 11/5/2013